Add Chakras To Your Yoga Photos


Add Chakras To Your Photos With Rainbow Love App

Step 1:  Start with a great photo.  We suggest a lotus pose, tree or mountain pose, with reverse prayer or any arm variation you like, with lots of blue sky or a beautiful natural landscape.

Step 2:  Open Your Photo in Rainbow Love App  (before deciding which version “lite” or “deluxe” is best for you to download please read below).  Once in you have opened the app and your yoga photo is selected as the background, Select “+ART” and scroll and select the Yoga Art category.  Here you will find our Chakras Art.

Step 3:  After selecting your Chakra Art – use your finger to align it with your yoga posture on your photo and then use our editing tools (double tap to launch art editor to adjust the size, transparency, and angle of the Chakra Art.

Step 4:  For creating picture perfect Yoga Chakra Photos, play with the app’s background image editor to create more contrast between your image and the chakra art, also try layering two or more chakras on your photo.  You can also use Rainbow Love’s NEW filters to enhance, brighten, colorize, or add rainbows, moons, sparkle or florals to your photo.

Step 5:  Once you have the perfect Chakras for your image, you can also add additional art, (find yoga quotes in the Yoga Art category or use our text editor to add your own inspiring message.


If you’ve never downloaded Rainbow Love App before please note the difference in our two versions LITE or DELUXE.

Rainbow Love Lite, is available for FREE DOWNLOAD and individual features can be purchased by the user for $0.99 – $3.99 depending on the art or filter pack.  Rainbow Love LITE includes all of the apps cards, fonts and offers all Rainbow Filters and Rainbow Art and Bonus Art categories FREE to all users.  Lite users can also try a few pieces of ART from each category before paying to unlock the category.

Rainbow Love Deluxe, is available for $4.99 and includes everything in Rainbow Love Lite plus unlimited use of all 18 ART CATEGORIES, all 36 FILTERS, offers ability for you to add your own logo and all of your creations are “Rainbow Love App logo” free.  In the Deluxe version, there is a one-time payment of $4.99 and no additional in-app purchases to access all features.

Download Rainbow Love Lite FREE – Best option for trial / limited options
Download Rainbow Love Deluxe ($4.99) – Best option for ALL features at lowest price.

Learn more about the difference here:  RAINBOW LOVE APP COMPARISON

If you’re still not sure about whether Rainbow Love Lite or Rainbow Love Deluxe is best for you – – we suggest trying the LITE version and if you find you want to unlock more than a few features, instead of paying in Rainbow Love Lite, delete that version and upgrade to Rainbow Love Deluxe.

Yoga Instructors: Feel free to use our Chakras to promote your Chakra Themed yoga classes or any of your special events or businesses – we would love it if you would tag it as #RainbowLoveYoga on your social media.


Rainbow Love App was created by @RainbowLoveYogaGirl a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor and lover of art, color, fun and happiness. Rainbow Love App can be used for personal use or to promote your business, practice or passions.

If you already have Rainbow Love App, go to iTunes for your respective version to update to our latest release to access our NEW FILTERS!  ALL Filters are included in Rainbow Love Deluxe, and are available for In-App Purchase in Rainbow Love Lite.  So again – consider the upgrade to Deluxe!

Learn more about our NEW FILTERS here

Want Rainbow Love App developed for Android?  Show your interest by providing your email here! We won’t use it for any other reason other than to let you know when Rainbow Love is available on Google Play. 







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