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Using Rainbow Love App’s “Add Layer” editing tool, you can add your own logo, art or  photos to any image you are editing with Rainbow Love App.  See the screen shot below to identify the tool in your app, we’ll provide some tips below, for making this tool easy to use and for adding high-quality logos and art.

The “Add Layer” tool is in the main editor, to the right of the “+ART” option and looks like 3 stacked squares.  This tool allows you to upload images from your iPhone to your image as art, and then allows editing and placement options.

In Rainbow Love Lite, this tool is $0.99 to unlock for permanent use, the tool is included in the price of Rainbow Love Deluxe ($4.99) at no additional charge. 



to add your own photos, art or logo to any Rainbow Love App creation. (This feature is $0.99 to unlock for permanent use in Rainbow Love Lite). 2. Select image from your iOS photos: a) Add your photos to any of our cards or backgrounds to create colorful framed images. b) Add any photo to your background image and use blend tool to merge the two images. c) Add your own art or logo. If adding as art or a logo, make sure that the image is a PNG file. Reccommended size of 250px for logos and no greater than 640px for art. Add photos and art can be edited as art objects. Read our full guide on

Now you can personalize your photos and creations with your own logo using Rainbow Love App. Here’s our guide to adding your own logo to any image using our app.

1) Using your desktop computer create your logo with a transparent background in a PNG file format- use a size that’s between 250px x 250px (it doesn’t have to be exact but that will be a good size).

PRO TIP: Create your logo in an all white version, an all black version and a color version if applicable. If you want the logo to be bigger when you upload it – try creating it in a bigger size – such as 590pix by 590pix.

2) Email, Text or Airdrop the logo file to your phone. You will see that it’s a transparent PNG file, bc in your iPhone photos the image will be black. (You can use JPG but the PNG file will work better).

PRO TIP: Create an album in iOS photos of your logos for easy access if you plan to use frequently

3) Once you have the PNG logo file saved to your device, launch Rainbow Love App and select your background image (photo or card) and start working on your creation. When you are ready to add your logo, use the 3 stacked squares at the right of the rainbow icon along the bottom of your screen. Image above. If you’re using the FREE version there is a one-time in-app purchase of $0.99 to permanently unlock this feature for repeated use. (This feature is included in the price of Rainbow Love Deluxe).

4) Once you add your logo – you can then use our editing tools to adjust size, rotate, transparency and more.

PRO TIP: If your logo isn’t showing up well against your background photo or image, use the background editor (3rd button from the right) to adjust the brightness and contrast of your background image.

5) Use the tag #rainbowloveapp when sharing on social media for chances to be featured on our Instagram.

Click here to launch and update to the most current version of Rainbow Love App (Deluxe Version)

Click here to launch and update to the most current version of Rainbow Love App (Free Version)

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