Rainbow Love Photo Filters


Rainbow, Moon and Dreamy Photo Filters

Here are some tips for making some really cool photos. Rainbow Love’s unique filters use a light blending technique that mixes our filter with your background image. Since lighting and the position of a photo’s main subject may vary, not all of our filters will work best for all of your photos. Each category of our filters; Rainbow, Moon, Dreamy, Earth and Dusk have been designed with this in mind so by trying them all you can see which of our filters bring out the best colors and positioning with your image.

Also use the app’s image adjuster along with filters to reduce or increase brightness, contrast and saturation which can have dramatic effects on Rainbow Love App’s filters and your photos.

The app’s image adjuster  pixel-love-image-adjuster  can be accessed from the main editor:


Rainbow Love App’s Rainbow Filters:

Rainbow Love App’s Moon Filters:

Rainbow Love App’s Dreamy Filters:

Using Rainbow Love Photo Filters

  1. Launch app and select a photo to get started.
  2. Select “+Filter.”
  3. Filter Preview:  Preview each filter by tapping an individual filter from the selector bar along the bottom of your photo, then if you wish, reduce the intensity of our filter by moving the toggle bar to the left.
  4. To apply a filter, select “Save Filter.”

You can also adjust the intensity of our filters adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation of your photo.  Use the app’s background image editor to do this.

Reduce Brightness and Contrast for a more intense Filter Effect:



Reduce Brightness and Increase Contrast for Brighter Filter Effect:


To access and use Rainbow Love Filters make sure you have the most version of Rainbow Love App.

To update or download Rainbow Love Lite visit us on iTunes here

To update or download Rainbow Love Deluxe visit us on iTunes here

What’s your favorite filter? Comment below to let us know!

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