Rainbows on Rainbows and Moons


Layering Rainbow and Moon Filters

Layering Rainbow Love’s filters can produce dramatic and striking effects.  Here’s a filter formula we LOVE so much we wanted to share.

  1. Choose a photo you love!
  2. Open your photo in Rainbow Love App
  3. Apply Rainbow 4 Filter, Rotate 3X (leave intensity at highest and tap “save filter”
  4. Apply Moon 6 Filter (leave intensity at highest and tap “save filter”
  5. Apply Moon 7 Filter (leave intensity at highest and tap “save filter

At this point, you may or may not be able to see these filters on your photo. No problem! Tap “DONE” at top right of your screen to close the filter editor.


Use the background photo editor to reduce or increase photo BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST and SATURATION.  Or, convert your image to a Black & White image.

  • Reducing Brightness in Daytime photos creates more vibrant filter effects.
  • Increase Brightness in Nighttime photos creates more vibrant filter effects.
  • Reducing Contrast can create a vintage look to your image.
  • Reducing Saturation can help tone down redness and overtones from the filters.

As you adjust the photo composition you will be able to see the filters better and can always return to the FILTER editor to rotate or adjust your existing filters or apply new ones.

Here’s what our Favorite Rainbow Moon Filter Combo (Rainbow Filter 4, Moon Filter 6, and Moon Filter 7) looks like on 3 different photos:



In all 3 of these images, the image’s brightness was reduced to less then 25% and the contrast was also reduced by 10%-15%.

Want a simpler look?  Just add one filter at a time and don’t forget to use the background image editor to enhance or perfect the look of your filter.  Here are a few more examples of editing your photos by just adding one filter, or even using filters and art.  With Rainbow Love App the options are endless.

What’s your favorite Rainbow Love App filter or filter combo?   Leave me a comment below.

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