6 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas


New Photo Art & Filters For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is The Day of Love. At Rainbow Love App, we celebrate ALL kinds of LOVE.  Self-Love, Romantic Love, Yoga Love, Love of a Child, Sister Love, Dog Love, Cat Love, Job Love and of course Rainbow Love!

New Valentine’s Day Art has been added to the HOLIDAY art category in Rainbow Love App.  (This is the same category we use for all holidays, so if you already purchased this category for Christmas, New Years, or Halloween, all you have to do is restore your past purchases to access the new art for Valentine’s Day).

There are tons of hearts, rainbows and moons in Rainbow Love App for making the most whimsical Valentine’s cards ever!  Check out our “Hearts & Love” Category for more Valentine’s Day inspired art.   Find our NEW Heart Shaped Rainbow Sunglasses in the Birthday Art Category; and if you’re looking for Arrows, head over to our Symbols and Borders Art Categories.

Below are a few of our favorite ART and FILTER Combos to make fun and colorful Valentine’s Day Photo Cards with Rainbow Love.

1 – White & Gold Love


Start with a White and Gold Card or a plain white background and add our gold foil LOVE MORE Heart Art.  Find it in the HOLIDAY ART Category, labeled Valentine’s Day.


2 – Valentine’s Rainbow Love Heart


Our Valentine’s Rainbows are Red, Pink and Gold!  Are you feeling the LOVE?  To make it, start with your favorite photo.  Find the “Rainbow Heart” and gold foil “Be Mine” art in the HOLIDAY ART Category, labeled Valentine’s Day.  Enlarge the “be mine” art or reduce the size to fit it in the Rainbow Heart.

Since the “Rainbow Heart” drops from the sky, consider taking a photo where you pointing up, making a hand heart, or reaching up to make the photo more fun!


3 – Design Your Own Artsy Valentine!


Prefer more an artsy or boho style?  Design your own!  Choose a background from our Dreamy Cards Category and add some Valentine’s Day art from the Holiday Art Category along with your own text or logo or even add a photo to the top of one of our cards.

To add your logo or photo, use the “Add Layer” Tool in the main editor.   It’s to the right of the “Add Art” tool.  Make sure you have your logo saved to your iPhone as a PNG file.  Recommended size is 400 pixels, you can resize it when you upload it into the add and edit it as you edit your art.

4- Nothing says “You’re Pretty” more than our Rainbow Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Find these bad boys in our Birthday Art Category.  Add your own note or text to any photo or background.  Here we added DUSK Filter 5 to project a little hint of positive vibes!

5- Apply a Heart Filter


Express your love with our only Heart Shaped Filter:  DUSK 13.  In this photo, we applied Dreamy Filter 7 to give the sky a more earth toned hue, and then added the DUSK 13 on top of it.  Lastly we added the gold foil “Be Mine” art from the Holiday Art Category.

Remember that when using our Filters dramatic effects can be attained when you adjust the brightness and contrast of your background image.  If your photo is light, using DUSK 2, DUSK 3 or EARTH 1 as a base layer can greatly enhance or multiply the effects of any filters you layer on top of them.  For more on FILTERS CLICK HERE

6 – Share a Rainbow Love Valentine’s Day Card!


Not feeling creative?  We have pre-made cards to choose from.  Choose from a wide variety of our Valentine’s Day Cards in Rainbow Love App!  You can share as is or add your own art, or text.

Enjoy the day and month of LOVE!  Share love and spread love!

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