Mystic Moon Goddess: How To Make It


How to create this look on your photos with Rainbow Love App

Step 1: Start with a photo you love!

Choosing photo with lots of negative space (or sky) can create really nice effects when  using our moon filters

Step 2: Launch Rainbow Love App and select your photo as your background image

Step 3: Tap “+Filters” to open Filter Editor.

Scroll Right to find Moon Filters.

Apply Moon Filter 6, tap “save” at bottom right.

Secondly apply Moon Filter 7, tap “save” at bottom right.

To close filters editor tap “Done” at top right to save all changes and return to main editor.

Step 4 (optional):

You can adjust how the filters appear on your photo by using the app’s image editor to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation qualities in your photo.  To do this return to main editor screen and choose the Image Editor icon at the bottom of the screen.


  • pixel-love-image-adjuster


For lighter photos, try reducing the brightness, saturation and contrast.


For darker photos, try increasing the brightness and contrast.


For a vintage look, try reducing contrast to as low as 10-15%.

Step 5: Add Art

Find this beautiful like pink strawberry moon on a gold triangle in our Galaxy Art Category.  To find it easily select “+ART” from the main editor, then scroll down to Galaxy Art in the art window, tap to open and then scroll down until you find this design, or choose another from our Art Collection.  Once you add the art, tap to move it, and double tap to open the object editor, you can adjust size, rotation, flip it up or down or left to right.  To delete or remove the art, simply touch it and slide it up and off your photo canvas and screen.

Step 6: Save and Share

Use the envelope icon at bottom right of the main editor to save and selecting sharing options.

Share your creations with us on Instagram using #RainbowLoveApp

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