Photo Filters For Color Therapy

Color therapy for your photos!

Rainbow Love App now features 72 Colorful Photo Filters inspired by Rainbows, The Moon, The Sky, Earth and The Northern Lights. Add and blend our colorful filters on any photo to create dreamy, beautiful images. Or add Chakras from our Yoga Photo Art category!

Try filters from our DREAMY CATEGORY to blend some beautiful colors onto your favorite yoga photos.

What feelings do colors invoke?

Red > Energy, Passion, Ambition

Orange > Joy, Creativity, Socialness

Yellow > Sun, Warmth, Focus, Quiet

Green > Nature, Grow, Vitality

Turquoise > Inner Peace, Self-Respect, Strength

Blue > Openness, Water, Sky

Indigo > 3rd Eye, Inner Vision, Intuition

Violet > Dreams, Spirituality, “Soul” Connection To Others

Magenta > Divine Love, Compassion, Abundance

Rose Pink > Motherly Love, Unconditional Love, Gentleness


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What are your favorite colors and why?

Leave a comment below and let us know.








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