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Why can’t I edit Full Size images?

Since our filters have designs on them all uploaded images must be square-sized.  If you wish to use a horizontal or vertical image to edit, you can upload it to the app using “ADD PHOTO”  You must shrink your added photo to fit the editing canvas in the editor.  You can add text and add on top of it and then crop to your vertical or horizontal size when saving.  If you wish to add filters, you should upload photo and resize into the editing canvas, save it and then upload it as your background image using the EDIT PHOTO feature.  Please note that this can reduce the finished size and quality of your image, and filters may not fully appear on your image.

Why is the app cropping my photo when I save image?

If you are using an iPhone 6+ or 7+ and are experiencing this issue go to your iOS settings app, go to Display Settings and change the ZOOM Setting to “Standard”  – this should fix the issue.

I removed watermark, why am I still seeing the logo on the cards?

Removing the watermark, removes the Rainbow Love watermark from any image you upload into the app.  We have placed logos on our cards to protect our designs from misuse since they are free in all versions.

How do I delete the art?

The easiest way to remove art is to touch the art and slide it up and off your phone screen.   This is the quickest way to effectively remove any art you don’t want on your final image.  If you would like to actually delete a piece of art or text, you can delete by tapping it, hold it for 2 seconds, and a pop-up will offer you a delete option.  There is also a “delete” button option in layering tools.

Where can I find other user creations or get inspiration for using Rainbow Love?

Visit the user gallery on Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rainbowloveapp/

To have one of your creations featured on our social media, please use the tag #RainbowLoveApp when posting and/or tag us @RainbowLoveApp – we love to share!

App runs slow and art or cards are not loading.

Rainbow Love offers over 1,000 cards and art pieces for your photos.  In order to offer this huge selection we operate on a server.  For your phone to connect to our server without disruption, please turn your WIFI ON and connect to a strong WIFI signal.  This should eliminate the problem, for more support: email love@loveisallaroundme.com


To Restore Past Purchases:

Use the Bolt icon at the top right of screen to go to Main Menu.

Select “RESTORE PURCHASE”  – you will be prompted to provide your Apple ID and password for your purchases to restore.  You will NOT be charged twice.

If past purchases do not “restore” check to make sure you are on the correct version.   You may have downloaded Rainbow Love Deluxe which includes all features in the one-time download price.  If you search Rainbow Love Deluxe on iTunes and the icon says “UPDATE” or “download” this will solve your problem.  To avoid future confusion, be sure to remove the lite version of the app from your phone.

If the icon shows a price for Rainbow Love Deluxe, and your purchases in Rainbow Love are not restoring please email us: love@loveisallaroundme.com

Check For Free App Updates to get the most current version:

Find your version of Rainbow Love or Rainbow Love Deluxe on the app store and check for the UPDATE icon.  “UPDATE” means you are using an old version.  If the icon shows “OPEN” you are on the most current version of Rainbow Love App.  A cloud with a down arrow means you can re-install and existing version.

Use the back arrow above to return to editing.  To update or check your version follow links below.

Click to launch Rainbow Love

Click to launch Rainbow Love Deluxe

Or return to blog menu



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