Rainbow Love App Quick User Tips


To Move Art:

Touch art or text object and slide

To Edit Art or Text:

Double-tap art or text to launch object editor

To Delete Art or Text:

Touch and hold or touch and slide art or text up and off your iPhone screen

To Add Additional Text:

Tap blank area on image (where there’s no text or art) and select “Add Text”

To Save Images:

Use the envelope icon at the bottom right of the main editor for saving and sharing options. The app will offer you sizes based on the original size of your photo. For the highest possible quality, select the highest size option provided.

To Duplicate Art or Text object:

Double-tap to launch object editor and select layering tools on far right of editing bar to find the option to “copy”

To Access Your Recently Used Art:

Select “Add Art” and scroll to top of art category window to find your personalized category most recently applied art.

To Close Art Window:

Double-tap any selected art on your image or tap along the the left edge of the Art Category Window.

To Add Multiple Pieces of Art:

Open art category, and tap each piece of art you would like to preview on your photo.  You can easily delete or remove any art you would like eliminated by tapping it and moving it up and off your screen or by tapping and holding it for option to delete.

To Move Art or Text Objects Forward or Backwards on Image:

Double-tap to launch object editor, and select layering tools at the far right, use FWD and BACK to adjust the position of the selected layer.  FWD will move the art or text object to the top of the image, and BACK will move the art or text object towards the bottom of the image.  This tool is best used along with Text Labels art or for layering art, when you need your text to go on top of a piece of art.  You must select the FWD or BACK option repeatedly until your art or text lands where you want it to, b/c the command only moves the object one layer at a time.

To Restore Past Purchases:

Use the Bolt icon at the top right corner of your screen to access Main Menu and select “RESTORE PURCHASE”  you will be prompted to provide your Apple ID and password for your purchases to restore.  You will NOT be charged twice.


To Update to The Most Current Version:

Find your respective version of Rainbow Love Lite or Rainbow Love Deluxe on the app store to update, if the app purchase icon appears as a cloud with a down arrow, it means that a more current version is available for you to download.  If the icon appears as “Open” it means that you are on the most current version of Rainbow Love App.


Using Rainbow Love App Photo Filters:

  • Our colorful and unique photo filters use a light blending mode which means that they may not appear visible on white or black spaces or areas of your photo.
  • In order to make filters more vibrant on your photo, you may need to use the app’s background image editor to reduce or increase brightness, contrast or saturation of your photo.
  • Filters will only apply to your background image and not to any art or text added using the app.
  • Filters can be previewed on your photo by tapping any filter along the bottom of your image.
  • All of the Rainbow Filters are included free in Rainbow Love Lite, along with the first 3 filters of each of the other categories.
  • To save or apply a filter to your photo, you must tap “SAVE FILTER” at the bottom right of the filters editor.
  • You can add additional filters to each photo by selecting the filter and tapping “SAVE FILTER”
  • To remove a filter, reselect it in the preview bar and select “REMOVE FILTER”
  • The best filters to use as a base filter for your photo edits are all FREE in both versions and include Moon 1, Moon 2, Dreamy 1, Earth 1, and Dusk 1, Dusk 2 and Dusk 3, using these filters can create more vibrancy in other filters when added as a base layer.  Try these combos with our Rainbow Filters.
  • Use the app’s background image to enhance the vibrancy of filters by adjusting brightness, contrast or saturation of your image.   In general, brighter photos, should have their brightness reduced for filters to be become more vibrant and darker photos, should have their brightness increased for filters to become more vibrant and blend better with your photo.  For a more vintage effect, try reducing your photo’s contrast.

For more on using our filters and more how to guides return to our blog menu here

Or get straight to editing:

Click to launch Rainbow Love Lite

Click to launch Rainbow Love Deluxe



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