6 Ways To Celebrate National Find A Rainbow Day

6-ways-to-celebrate-national-find-a-rainbow-day-rainbow-love-photo-editor-app-blog-monday-april-3-2017Monday April 3rd is National Find A Rainbow Day!

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of a rainbow? When we see natural rainbows in the sky or they enter our dreams at night, rainbows are symbol of fortune, optimism and good things to come.  Whether we believe in the symbolism or not, for most of us, seeing a rainbow always brings a smile, and offers us a moment to be present and grateful.

We scoured Instagram for the best ways to bring rainbows into your life and here’s what we found!

6 ways to bring rainbows into your life and celebrate National Find A Rainbow Day

1. Food:  #EatTheRainbow

Sure you can have a bowl of Lucky Charms or pack of Skittles but natural, healthy foods are loaded with color, and color means nutrients!  Celebrate Find A Rainbow Day with a Rainbow Bowl, a Rainbow Roll or a Rainbow Smoothie!  Here are our favorite Instagram finds!

2 – Crystals:  #CrystalEnergy

We LOVE crystals.  Like rainbows they come in so many beautiful colors!  Not only that, but like rainbows, crystals are rare gems, they take a specific force of nature to be created and that’s why we love them!  Recharge the energy you need with different crystals and just enjoy their sheer beauty.  They are nothing short of beautiful and with meditation you will feel sublime.  We’ve featured our favorites below:


3 – Hair :  #RainbowHair

Some call it Rainbow Hair, some call it Unicorn Hair, some call it Festival Hair.  “Toe-mate-toe; Toe-mot-toe.”  It’s all beautiful!  Check out the skills of these creative colorists and get some inspiration for your own do!

4 – Selfies:  #RainbowSelfie

Rainbows LOOK good on you!  And we’re not talking about the generic Rainbow Profile filter.  We’re talking about Rainbow Love App’s Rainbow Filters!  Add them to your selfie and share your love of Rainbows with a selfie shot!  We love these gals!



5 –  Get Away:  #RainbowHotel 

Maybe you’re so serious about this National Day that you feel the need to use a few vacation days and that makes us LOVE you more! For the serious Find A Rainbow Day celebrators, check into one of these super colorful and happy hotels.  You’ll find all the rainbows you’ve ever dreamt of and they’ll surround you as you dream!  We love @thesurflodge in Montauk and @thesaguarops in Palm Springs


6 – Rainbow Joy:  #Rainbows

Rainbows elude happiness, as does your pretty smile!  So here’s one last way to celebrate.  Add a rainbow to a pic of you and your bestie or your favorite yoga photo, using Rainbow Love App and share it on social media.

However you celebrate on National Find A Rainbow Day… Do it with all the love, light and color of a rainbow!  Wishing you many rainbow moments throughout your day.

Rainbows Forever

Share your ideas for celebrating below!


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