Color Therapy With Watercolor Art

A quick guide and some editing inspiration for using Rainbow Love App’s colorful watercolor marks.  Place them on photos, or use them on cards.  Write on them, add art to them.  They are really fun to edit with!

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We love color and we’re super excited about our new Watercolor Art and Cards in Rainbow Love App.  Check out the entire collection in the app!  Here’s a quick guide to making some colorful photo edits and quote cards using our watercolor art and cards.

Our new watercolor art has a watery white run off effect along it’s edges, so they tend to look like watermarks (or actual watercolors) when used on our plain white card – find it in the logo free cards category.

When you start with a white background, you can also create really cool “cut-out” effects by adding white art or text over the watercolor art.  We love this look.  See below.

Depending on how creative you want to get and how much time you want to spend creating – we have easy options for creating quick and colorful edits.  But first..

Here are some favorites watercolor edits to inspire you:

Walking on Rainbows

Tip: Find Art in Watercolor Art. Enlarge and reduce transparency.
Tip: Rotate image for fun effect.

Watercolor Body Art

She’s actually wearing a bathing suit… but this looks cool! The art is a one-piece grouping – find more like it in Watercolor Art Pack.

Watercolor Photo Borders

Create borders on photos using multiple or single pieces of watercolor art. We LOVE adding white FLORAL or BORDER art to any of the watercolor art.

Watercolor Quote Cards

You can start with a watercolor card then add white art to create designs in the watercolor background, along with quotes and text.
In both of these examples the quotes we used are from Rainbow Love App’s Yoga Art Pack.


Create Simple Designs and Icons Using Watercolor Blobs With Art!

Start with the white logo free card.  Add Watercolor blob, then art and text.  This is great for creating unique themes for sharing quotes and mantras on your social media pages.


Create Simple Elegant Posts Quickly and with Ease

Make in 30 seconds! Start with white logo free card. Add green watermark from watercolor art pack. Find black moon in floral art.  Add text in Bromello. Use black watercolor ink color.




We know you can be a lot more creative and we’d love to see your edits!  Please use #RainbowLoveApp when sharing on social media so we see us or tag us using @rainbowloveapp.

Read on for a few simple edit ideas, shortcuts for using the app and in particular the watercolor art and cards.  Need more help?  Email

Option 1 – Just add text to one of our Watercolor Cards.

We have over 30 pre-made cards to choose from. You can add white text, enlarge it and still get the cut-out effect.


Option 2 – Create your own card using Watercolor Art.

Start with the white card from logo free and add Art from Watercolor.  You can add multiple pieces to create a border as seen below, or just use one piece as your center and then add art and text.


Shown above, multiple pieces from watercolor were added first, then black diamonds were added from the borders art category.  Text added and centered in Quicksand Font.

HOW TO LAYER ART & TEXT (see below):  Every piece of art and text on your Rainbow Love Canvas can be repositioned and LAYERED.  If you think of each piece of art or text as a layer, you can see in the above example that the black diamonds are LAYERED ON TOP of the watercolor art layers.  In the below example both pieces of text are on top of the watercolor art.  “Layering” is really important when using your watercolor art and very easy to do.  You can move individual pieces of art to the top or bottom of your canvas using our layering tool. See below and then try it in the app.


Option 3 – Add text and art to your watercolor art!

The example below shows flowers from our new FLORALS art along with text in The Sweetest Thing Font.  We enlarged the font to make it run off watercolor art.  We love this look.



Above is another example with art from our Doodles Art.  Find smaller art pieces perfect for using as text accents such as palm trees, mermaid tails, stars, crystal balls and more.

But these are a just a few ideas!  Use our watercolor art on photos, cards and add your favorite quotes, yoga teaching schedule, gratitude challenges and Monday mantras.  If you love color, this art category will be a dream to edit with, be creative and share your creations with us using #rainbowloveapp on social media.

Rainbows & Love,


Creator, Rainbow Love App

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