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Your chakras are a rainbow and therefore, so are you. Hi, Rainbow.

Chakras Art with Stars – Rainbow Love App

There’s an abundance of yoga related artwork in Rainbow Love.  You’ll find blank chakra artwork and quote cards for your Monday Mantra in our yoga cards.  Within the editor, you’ll find yoga art, (a mix a quotes, mala beads, and more), yoga asana art (just asanas in different colors), and chakra art which includes chakras, and yogi art that can have chakras added to it.

I’m really excited about the newest chakras.  (See examples below) Keep in mind when using these that if you use a front facing photo, they will cover your face.  Still I love the variety of edits I have seen from different users.  If you love the yoga cards artwork – it’s now available as an art print, blanket, notebook and a carry-all on Society6 – check it out here. 

To skip to editing fun get the app here:

Rainbow Love for iPhone or Rainbow Love for Android 


Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Chakras Art – Rainbow Love App
Know Your Chakras – artwork and card – Rainbow Love App


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