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I named this app Rainbow Love, because I created it for everyone and anyone who Loves Rainbows.  There is a category of Rainbow Art, a selection of over 30 Rainbow Filters, and using our text editor you can even write in rainbow.  But there is rainbow inspired art and filters throughout the app.  So here, I’m showing you some of my favorite rainbow effects you can make with Rainbow Love App, along with some tips.  Scroll down to see the edits.

What’s the difference between Rainbow Love Art and Filters?

In short:  The filters can create a more realistic rainbow effect than art.   Our rainbow filters blend with your photo to create the look that you want.  They work best on grey or lighter blue skies and any image with a neutrally toned background (think off whites, creams and browns and grays).

Rainbow Filtering Tips:

1 – Start with a great photo with lots of sky space.

2 – If the sky in your photo is super bright blue tone it down by adding the LITE BASE FILTER to your photo, select SAVE, then proceed to preview the rainbow filters.  If the LITE BASE filter makes your photo too bright, select EDIT, and reduce the filter intensity.  While on the EDIT screen, you can also adjust your images’ brightness, contrast and saturation.

To tone down a bright blue sky:

Decrease saturation and then play with adjusting both contrast and brightness.

3 – Preview a few of the rainbow filters on your image, if you select EDIT, you can continue to adjust filter intensity, image brightness, contrast and saturation of your photo.  Select SAVE to keep changes. Select CANCEL to return to filter preview.

4 – Sometimes the filters don’t fit on the image correctly, select EDIT and then use the symbols on the Left and Right of the toggle bar to reverse the direction / or rotate the filter.  If you want to change your photo, select the picture icon at the bottom right.

Got it?  Cool.

Too complicated?  Our Rainbow art is more novelty in style but much easier to add and edit.  When using Art, tap to select from the rainbow art category, and then double that art on your screen to pull up the art editor.  You can resize, rotate, reduce transparency, flip, copy and layer art. So have fun with it!

Love color? Also check out our Color Burst and Watercolor Art!

Questions?  Email me at love@loveisallaroundme.com

Rainbows & Love,


Creator, Rainbow Love App

Download Rainbow Love for iPhone or Rainbow Love for Android 

Rainbow Filter Used With Lite Base, Filter is Reversed
Rainbow Filter in Moon Filters Category
Rainbow Filter and a Go Pro Shot
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Filter (notice how different it looks on a darker image)
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Filter
Rainbow Effect – Find this Art in Colorburst Category
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Art



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