Painted Angel Wings

Add A Halo and Angel Wings To A Photo


Hi Angels!

It’s Kate creator of Rainbow Love App.  Yet again I have a new update for you on the Angel Wing Art in my app, because I know there’s a lot of demand for this and I’m constantly trying to get it right… for you and the all the angels in this universe.

Today I watercolored, pondered colors and photoshopped and came up with some brand new “painted angel wings” as photo art, which is now available in Rainbow Love App’s Angel Wing Art Pack.

Just so you know – I removed the old art.   If you are disappointed about this or would prefer to see some of the old angel wing designs back in the app – please comment below or write me at

See more previews of the art below.

But first…. a quick tutorial:

How to add Angel Wings to your Photos


How to Add Angel Wings To A Photo

Here’s a quick guide to using Rainbow Love App to add our Angel Wings to a photo:

  1. Download Rainbow Love App on Google Play or the App Store for iOS
  2. Launch App and select “Your Photos” as background and choose a great photo
  3. Once in Main Editor select “ADD ART” in the art pack window at the bottom of your screen scroll forward to Angel Wings Art
  4.  There are 20+ Angel Wings in this art pack.  All of the angels wings art pieces are either left or right facing.  Select the one (shape or color) you like best by tapping it and it will be added to your background image.
  5. Use your finger to tap and move the wing to the position on your photo you like best.
  6. Double tap the art on your photo to choose more editing options.
  7. To create an matching wing, double-tap it and then select “Layering Tools” at the far right of your art editing bar (the icon looks like 3 stacked squares) this will open the options to “COPY” the art (select this first); and then select “FLIP L>|<R which will create a mirror image of the second wing for you.
  8. Once you have both wings on your image you can double tap either to select and edit to adjust size or rotation.  To move either wing – just touch it with your finger and move it to the right position.  Once you’re happy – select SAVE at bottom right to save the image to your mobile device.

In some of the examples below – we’ve enhanced the photo edits by adding our moon and dreamy photo filters.  You can also adjusting your background image within Rainbow Love App to create more contrast with the photo art – select “EDIT IMAGE” from main editor.   And for more guides…. Visit our blog menu here.

If you just want a quick answer or drop me a line at

Be creative and have fun!  I’m always AMAZED by the awesomeness users create with my app.  Thank you for giving it a try!

Disclaimer:  All the original images below are by me.  If you’d like to be featured on my blog or shared on one of my pages, please use #RainbowLoveApp in your edits so I can find it on Instagram.   


Visit my blog menu for more tips for editing with Rainbow Love App – once you get the basics, it’s super easy to use.  I’m always here for anyone that wants a quick guide!

If you enjoy the app… please write it a review on iTunes or Google Play.

With rainbows and love, on angels’ wings…


Rainbow Love App Creator

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