How To Create a Colorful Instagram Theme

Rainbow Love App’s Dusk Theme Filter

How to create a colorful Instagram theme

If you’re a user of Rainbow Love app, chances are you love color and Instagram.  Here we’ll show you how to up your Insta-game using Rainbow Love’s theme filters.

What’s a theme filter and why should you use one?

A theme filter consists of one color that when applied to all your images – creates continuity in your photo collection.   A theme filter is essentially “the glue” that ties all of your photos together no matter how colorful they are.  (scroll down to see our theme filters)

Why we LOVE theme filters:

Editing with a ton of colors can get messy and busy.  We love theme filters because they enable you to edit images with a lot of color and maintain a clean look.

As you’ll see in our theme examples below, it doesn’t matter which theme you choose, your collection or social media gallery can still be colorful and artsy but will be presented to your followers in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

To show you this – we’ve used an assortment of filters and art from Rainbow Love App along with the theme filter for each collection.  In some of the images displayed in each theme collection – we only added the theme filter to it.

Rainbow Love Apps theme filters pack in the filter editor
Find theme filter pack in the Filter Editor screen. It’s the second pack.

Tips for choosing and using a theme filter:

  • Choose one theme filter that best matches your style and the feel of your layout – and that you can commit to.  Ask yourself; what is the “feel” you find most pleasing in your photos?  Lite and bright?  Cool and calming?


  • Apply your selected theme filter religiously to every image you post, even if it’s a card with a white or off white background.  Even the slightest tone that the filter applies will make a difference.


  • Theme filters should be adjusted for each image.  This means double tapping your theme filter on the preview bar of the app and adjusting the transparency of the filter by sliding the toggle bar to the left.  It doesn’t matter if one photo in your collection has the theme filter applied at 100% and another has the theme filter applied at 25% as long as the theme filter is applied.


  • How to preview themes on your photos.  An easy way to see how your photos look with each different theme filter is by creating a collection or album of your favorite posts or edits in your iOS Photo App.  Screen shot the collection and upload it to Rainbow Love App.  Once in the filters editor – select the Themes Pack and preview each filter on your collection.  You can save these images and preview them side by side in your iOS Photos App.


Additional tips for using themes and creating a cohesive collection:

  • Pay attention to color contrast and use of negative space from one post to the next
  • Use your theme filter the quote cards you edit too
  • Use your theme filter on reposts you feature on your social media feed
  • Alternate your feed between photos and cards (or quotes)

Tie your collection together by incorporating favorite quotes, poetry and your own creative messaging by using our themed card collections.  We’ve themed the cards to match the filter theme you choose (Rainbow, Moon, Dreamy, Earth, Dusk).  You can stick with the cards for your theme filter – or if you want to use a card from another theme, or start with a blank card, just be sure to add your theme filter to it.

Rainbow Love App’s Theme filters

1. Rainbow theme filter – Brightens whites and colors

Overall feel:  Happy, crisp, vibrant

Edits shown below made with:

  • Rainbow, Moon, Earth Filters
  • Rainbow Theme Cards
  • Stars and Chakras Art



2. Moon theme filter – Adds a grey-brown desaturated effect

Overall feel:  Cool, calming, artsy

Edits shown below made with:

  • Rainbow, Dreamy, Earth & Dusk Filters
  • Moon theme cards
  • Moon & Stars Art


3. Dreamy theme filter – Adds a lilac hue to whites and light colors

Overall feel:  Ethereal

Edits shown below made with:

  • Rainbow, Moon, Dreamy & Dusk Filters
  • Dreamy Theme Cards
  • Moon and Stars Art



4. Earth theme filter – Adds a light pink hue to whites and colors

Overall feel:  Light and warm

Edits shown below made with:

  • Rainbow and Dusk Filters
  • Earth Theme Cards
  • Stars & Moon Art




5. Dusk Theme Filter – Deepens and darkens all colors except whites

Overall feel:  Midnight – higher contrast, density and midnight tones

Edits shown below made with:

  • Rainbow, Moon, Dreamy, Earth & Dusk Filters
  • Dusk Theme Cards
  • Chakras & Stars Art




There’s a lot more you can do with the 100’s of moon, rainbow, dreamy and star effect filters and 1000’s pieces of art that Rainbow Love App offers but hopefully this post has showed you how you can tie to it all together.

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