What color is your Aura?

Pink glowing aura effect for photos
Add a glowing aura effect to your photos with Rainbow Love App


Add a glowing aura effect to your photos

Have you ever seen or felt the color of your Aura?  According to those well-studied in auras, energy planes and electromagnetic fields, there are exercises that can help you discover the color of aura and furthermore – the color of our aura can change with your mood, where you are and what you are experiencing.

To learn more about auras and exercises for how you can see your aura- we love this article on mindbodygreen.com by Emma Mildon.

This post is about adding Aura effects to your photos using Rainbow Love App.   

Add This Glowing Aura Effect To Your Photo

Whether you’re looking to add the aura effect to a photo for fun or to create a visual to delve into a world of words and meaning surrounding that aura, or to share a personal experience, as you can see these auras create a really cool and ethereal effect.

Cool Glowing Aura Effect for photo
Create a glowing aura effect on your photos


For those of you that know the color of your aura – and the meaning behind it – you can go straight to Rainbow Love App and start to photo edit.   Or scroll all the way down to see more examples of creating this effect on your photos.

Start by uploading your photo.   You’ll find our AURAS in the Chakras and Auras art pack. To create the glowing aura effect you should turn on the “GLOW” effect by tapping the  rainbow icon on the art editing tool bar.

Our auras come in the following hues:  Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.

You can also add more then one and again blend them into your photo using the “glow” effect.  (Tap the Rainbow icon).

You can discover the color of your aura by connecting with what you are feeling internally, what’s feelings are dominating within your spirit.  If you know the color of your aura and are seeking the meaning of that color – read on below.

Basic Color meanings of Auras

Aura colors can be a lot more complex, muddied, faded or even multi-colors and may not always be positive.   For the sake of positivity,  we’ve kept our meanings geared towards meanings of aura colors when the hue is bright.


Pink Aura

Energy of pure love and kindness to self and all beings especially those that may be weak or in need.   With a pink aura the soul is exuding tenderness, compassionate and endearing love.  It is gentle, light and caring love with an appreciation and understanding that our feelings should be treated with compassion and delicacy.

Red Aura

A red aura represents inner strength, passion and robust acceptance from self and external beings lending to a fiery drive to thrive, constant growth with deep rooted support and foundation.  It’s a strong energy.


Orange Aura

Energy of creativity and joy and playfulness.   Free expression of emotions creatively and/or in a non-harming way to self or others.  Inspiration for creating, and seeing things in differing perspectives comes from within and the world around them.


Yellow Aura

Radiance and happiness and optimism.  Calming and warm inner light is shining through.  Feeling of inner peace and harmony reflecting deep faith in self, the divine and that all will be fine.


Green Aura

Love is flowing freely both in a out of the heart bringing balance to all the other chakras.  Nature and the natural human condition to love, to be kind, to be of service to others. 


Blue Aura

Reflects inner and outer peacefulness and clear communication.  Calm and wise assertiveness, where words are carefully thought before spoken.  True sense of self with crystal clear communication from the internal realm to the external and vice versa.


Violet Aura

Trilogy balance of heart, mind and spirit.  Ethereal bliss, light connection to the Divine, when you are both leaning inward, and leaning outwardly, to bridge the energy between spirit within and spirits around you.  A guiding light that is also being brightly guided by Divine.

Glowing Aura Effect Photo Edits

Add an aura effect to photos 1Violet Aura Photo EffectPink glowing aura effect for photos




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