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Express your Mermaid Soul

Rainbow Love Deluxe app users can now easily add shimmering and colorful Mermaid Tails to their photos to create the best #mermaidsarereal photo edits ever.

Scroll down to see some edits using our Mermail Tail Art Kit and read our quick guide to adding them to your own photos.  Make sure you have Rainbow Love Deluxe because these tails are not yet available in Rainbow Love App.

mermaid tail photo art

mermaid pose mermaid tail for photos

Photo Above:  Floral Mermaid Pose Tail art designed to cover your front leg.  Just for our Mermaid Yogis.  

glitter mermaid fin tail photo art

add mermaid tail to photos rainbow

mermaid tail photo art

Add A Mermaid Tail To Your Photo

Add shimmering and colorful mermaid tails to your photos with Rainbow Love App Deluxe

How to add a Mermaid Tail to your photo

Adding mermaid tails to your photos is easy with Rainbow Love App Deluxe.

A few tips for using Mermaid Tails Art pack.

1 – If possible use long photos. Mermaid tails are generally longer than legs so you need full body shots or in water shots with lots of space for the tail.

2 – Our mermaid art pack offers 5 different tail shapes. Straight, curvy, floppy with two hips, floppy with one hip (the one hip floppy’s are designed for a pic where you are facing left or right, so the flat side goes on your front. Lastly there are two gold mermaid specifically designed for our yogis who #mermaidpose.  See the design above with the set of flowers on it to cover the front leg.

3 – It can be tricky to size these to your hips and also cover your feet. Try using the app’s angle tool to flip the piece L/R or rotate slightly to cover any part of your body you want hidden by the mermaid piece. In one of the photos above a moon from Moon Art pack was added to the sky to completely cover my feet. problem solved🧜🏻‍♀️ (you can also add florals or any other art piece).

4- The first piece in the art pack is just the gold fin (not pictured). You can use this over any tail and enlarge it to make your mermaid fin bigger.  It can also be placed on bare legs by the ankles to cover the feet as a really cute edit.

Have fun Mermaids and if positing on Instagram tag @rainbowloveappdeluxe in your mermaid edits

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