Layer Your Filters

Layering filters means adding two or more filters to your photo.

Since Rainbow Love’s filters are made of art, you can create really cool themes and edits when you find a layering combo or trio you love.

Here are a few filters and combos we totally LOVE.

Pro Tips for layering filters:

  • Use “EDIT” button to adjust each filter. You can modify the rotation of the filter, reduce intensity and switch the GLOW mode.
  • Use IMAGE editor to perfect your edit. Tap IMAGE at the bottom left of your screen. Here you can adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation and more. One tool we LOVE is Balance – if your image is too light, increase the black point. If your image is too light, increase white light and brightness.
  • To create a more rustic or grungy look – try our Vintage Filter pack. (free to all users).

Filter Combo One: #10 Rainbow & #2 Overlay

#10 Rainbow and #2 Overlay Filters

The example above uses filters from our FREE filter packs. Notice how the effect of these two filters used together create a theme that look different depending on the background of the image.

To create the effect apply:

  • #10 Rainbow
  • #2 Overlay

For more tips on using our filter editor read our Quick Guide

Filter Combo Two: #2 Overlay and #5 Art

#2 Overlay, #5 Art Filter and #2 Dust (in Vintage)

We love this combo so much we made it our home screen image.

To create the effect apply:

  • #2 Overlay
  • #5 Art Filter (edit and turn GLOW on)
  • #2 Dust in Vintage Filter Pack

Filter Combo Three: #4 Overlay and #14 Art

To create the effect apply:

  • #4 Overlay (edit to Rotate twice)
  • #14 Art Filter
  • #2 Dust Filter (in Vintage Filter pack)

Filters We Love: #5 Overlay (free filter)

Create this effect on any photo with #5 Overlay Filter

Filters We Love: #8 Overlay (free filter)

Create this effect on any photo with #8 Overlay Filter

Filters We Love: #2 Moon Filter ($0.99 to unlock pack)

(Get the entire pack of 50 Moon filters for only $0.99 when you unlock one.)

Add the effect to any photo with #2 Moon Filter

Filters We Love: #1 Earth Filter ($0.99 to unlock)

(You get all 46 Earth Filters when you unlock one)

#1 Earth Filter

Think of the Earth filter pack as hippie love for your photos.

Filters we love: #2 Earth

(if you unlocked #1 Earth you’ll get this one too, along with all 45 other Earth Filters)

#2 Earth Filter – One of our faves!! It’s florals and stars combined.

Filters we love: #1 Rainbow (free)

We couldn’t leave this one out! To create this effect, apply #1 Rainbow Filter, Edit and turn GLOW ON.

What are your favorite filters? Let us know in your comments below.

Need more inspiration? Look how one of our users is using Rainbow and Art filters to create a theme on her page. We love it!

Photo edit with Rainbow Love’s Rainbow Filters by @annesparow

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