Add Your Logo

The Add Logo tool in Rainbow Love App allows you to upload your own logo, your own art or your photos to your edits

Add Your Own Logo or Artwork

To add your own logo or art, you will need to create a transparent PNG file with your logo or art.  I recommend that you create an album in your iOS photo to contain these images so that they can be easily discernible when you want to add them using Rainbow Love App.

Once you upload using “Add Logo” – you’ll be able to edit your logo or art piece using all the tools available to you on the art editing tool bar:  size, angle, glow, blend, layer fwd/back, duplicate, etc.

Don’t have a logo?

I will create your logo in PNG format in 3 variations – Black, White and a color of your choice and email to you for a one time fee of $15.  Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

To submit a logo request, email

Need help creating or transforming art into pieces you can upload into Rainbow Love App?  I can help you with that too!  Email for a quote.


Add and Blend Your Photos

If you’re into blending images. All you need are your own photos or images.  After selecting your background image (choose a photo or one of your cards), use Add Logo tool to upload another photo.  Resize the uploaded photo, position on your photo, and then try the GLOW or BLEND tool to mix the two images together.  You can also still apply art, text and filters, however the image you upload will act as a piece of art.  Use the Layer tool to move it up or down on your creation.

For additional support with the Add Logo tool email us!