Floral Halos & Angel Wings

Halo Angels! A happy little update took place in our Angel Wings Photo Art Pack this week: We added floral halos!  They are so. much. fun. Check them out next time your editing your photos with Rainbow Love App Also try out our new gold-tipped and silver tipped angel wings! Have fun. Visit our quick editing guide for adding angel wings to your photos  

National Find A Rainbow Day April 3 2018

So to make it easier for you to find a rainbow on National Find A Rainbow Day next week – we’ve amplified our Rainbow Art and Filters so that if you don’t see that magical rainbow in the sky, at least you can find one in our app, add it to a photo and honor all the rainbows, and the light in your own soul – and bring smiles to others. 

And We All Shine On…

Oscar Wilde said, “When it rains looks for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” 

And that’s why I’ve created a galaxy of moon, stars, and planet art and filter effects for Rainbow Love App… because the truthfully, aren’t we all just naturally fascinated with whatever the sky holds for us to see.  The moon, the sun, a rainbow, a solar eclipse, the Northern Lights…. 

Add Angel Wings and Halos To Your Photos

Hello Angel! Add beautiful Angel Wings to your favorite photos with Rainbow Love App! Find our Angel Wings Art in the GALAXY Category of Rainbow Love App (downloading options below) To add Angel Wings to your photos: Open Rainbow Love App and select a photo Rainbow Love App’s Editor will automatically launch.  Tap to select the option “Add Art” along the bottom of your screen. In the art category window, tap to select GALAXY ART.  Scroll down, the wings and halos will be towards the bottom. You will find “sets” of Angel Wings and also individual single wings.  Select any “set” of…

Vintage Moon Photo Filters For Your Instagram Yoga Photos

5 Easy Steps To Creating this Vintage Moon Phase Filter Photo Edit With Rainbow Love App

Quick User Tips

 GENERAL QUESTIONS Why can’t I edit Full Size images? Since our filters have designs on them all uploaded images must be square-sized.  If you wish to use a horizontal or vertical image to edit, you can upload it to the app using “ADD PHOTO”  You must shrink your added photo to fit the editing canvas in the editor.  You can add text and add on top of it and then crop to your vertical or horizontal size when saving.  If you wish to add filters, you should upload photo and resize into the editing canvas, save it and then upload…

Let Love Rule: How To Make This

How to make this with Rainbow Love App Step 1: Start with your favorite photo Photos with lots of negative space or sky, may create the best effects. Think beach, mountains or park. Step 2: Launch Rainbow Love App and select your photo as your background image Step 3: Tap “+Filters” to open Filter Editor. Scroll Right to browse filters. To get the same effect as featured in the image, apply filters in the order listed below. First, Apply Earth Filter 1, tap “save” at bottom right. Second, Apply Dreamy Filter 12, tap “save” at bottom right. Then save all changes and…