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See what you can make free with Rainbow Love App


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Explore easy, cool and free edits below.  Rainbow Love App offers users an “All In One” creative experience including Filters, Image Editor, Art, Cards (for quotes), Text and the coolest blending tools ever for Rainbows, Moon, Stars art and more — GLOW and BLEND.

Get to know Rainbow Love App!  Your iOS download includes 22 FREE TEXTURE FILTERS, 83 RAINBOW FILTERS, and 3 FREE ART PACKS including samples from our favorite categories.

For help with SAVING FILTERS see our main blog page here

Enjoy the limitless creativity you’ll have at your fingertips with Rainbow Love App.

See what you can make for free by using all of our free filters, art packs and tools below.

Or just add a bunch of rainbow filters to one photo to create a look like this!