F. A. Q.

How many filters packs are there?

There are 13 filter packs and over 350 filters in Rainbow Love App. The filters and packs are the same in both Rainbow Love and Rainbow Love Deluxe, but in Rainbow Love Deluxe, all filter packs are included with your download price. Paid packs in Rainbow Love App can be purchased for $0.99.

Is it $0.99 per filter or $0.99 per filter pack?

Paid filter packs in Rainbow Love App include up to 40 filters per pack and $0.99 unlocks the entire pack. Once you unlock the pack, you will have ongoing access. If you want more than 2-3 filter packs, you may want to upgrade to Rainbow Love Deluxe which includes all filters and art and is logo free.

Why can’t I see some of the filters on my photos?

Our filters use blending modes so sometimes they will not be visible on super light or dark photos. Once on the Filter Editing Screen, if GLOW is set to OFF, tap it to turn if off. You can also use the image editor to adjust the brightness in your photo which may make the filter more or less visible.

Read this guide on editing Rainbows to learn about these tools.

How many filters can I add to a photo?

As many as you want. In fact layering our filters creates some really cool effects. Rainbows on Rainbows produces bright pink and purple hues, and using moon, and earth with stars can also create some really nice effects.

This user @annesparow uses a mix of dreamy, theme and rainbow filters to create her own beautiful aesthetic with Rainbow Love’s filters.

Photo by @annesparow

Can I save projects in Rainbow Love App or Rainbow Love Deluxe?

No, neither of our apps offer save project, BUT you can create your own pack of your favorite filters for easy and quick access to them. To favorite a filter tap FAVORITE on the filter editing screen and you’ll see a new pack of filters on your filter pack bar with just the filters you love the most.

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