Filter Editing Tips

Previewing Filters

1 / Tap to select filter from bottom to preview on your photo

2 / To preview new filter, tap new filter from scroll bar

3 / To remove filter from preview, tap selected filter again

4 / To save filter to your image, select “APPLY”

5 / To customize filter, select “EDIT”


Editing Filters

Our filter editor allows you to add dramatic effects to your images.  Adjust filter position, intensity and assets of your background image.  Here’s a quick guide:

Filter Options:

1 / Flip Filter :  Reverses filter direction

2 / Filter Intensity :  Reduces filter vibrancy for subtle filter effect

3 / Rotate Filter :  Rotates filter

Background Image Options:

1 / Brightness:  Adjust exposure to change filter effect

2 / Contrast:  Adjusts fade and starkness of photo

3 / Saturation:  Adjusts color intensity of photo

4 / B&W:  Make your photo black and white

5 / Rotate Background Image

6 / Change Background Image

Saving Edits

SAVE ALL:  Saves all edits made on screen and returns you to Filter Preview Screen to continue editing.  This button must be selected to SAVE YOUR EDITS.

SAVE:  Saves all “SAVED EDITS” edits to your image and allows you to save to your phone directly from the filter editor screen.  If “SAVE” is selected before “APPLY OR SAVE ALL” your edits will not be saved to the final photo.


Layering Filters

Layering Filters allows you the most opportunity to get creative when using Rainbow Love App.  Here are a few tips:

1 / Think of each filter as a “layer.”   The first layer you add will be the base, and any additional layers added will land on top of the layer below it.

2 / Lite Base filters are intended to be used as a first layer to change overall tone and hue of your photo to work best with the colors used in our rainbow, moon and earth filters.  They should be added first.  For more on rainbow filtering – click here

3 / Any filter you add to your photo will be highlighted in black along the preview bar and you can scroll back, and tap it to select it to edit your base layer, or select remove to remove it.

4 / Any changes you make to your background image will be saved to photo as you edit when “Save All” is selected.

5 / To save all edits, select “SAVE ALL,” once edits are saved, you can select “SAVE” to save final image to your phone or select “ADD ART” to return to art and text editor.

General Filtering Questions

1 / Why can’t I filter and edit full size photos?

Since many of our filters include art and designs and aren’t just tonal filters, we cannot work in multiple photo sizes.

2 / Why can’t I see some filters on my photos?

The filters will not appear over white or black spaces filters b/c they work with color and light.  You can use our lite base filters to give texture and color to your photo so that it absorbs the colors in our filters.  Furthermore, some time these spaces of transparency created by the natural lighting in your image can create more realistic effects, especially with rainbow and moon filters.

3 / How do I remove a filter I already applied without removing the other filters?

Reselect the filter by tapping it along the preview bar at bottom, select “REMOVE” to remove just the selected filter.  You can start over and clear ALL filters by selecting “Original Photo” in preview bar or the “REMOVE ALL” button in the top left.

4 / How do I know if I’m on the most current version of Rainbow Love App?

Take a minute to visit our page on the App Store by searching “Rainbow Love” – a blue box that says UPDATE will appear on the top right, if you are not on the most up to date version.

5 / Why isn’t the app saving my full photo?

If you are using an iPhone 6+ or 7+ you may experience an issue when saving your photos.  If this happens, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > DISPLAY and change your “ZOOM SETTING” to STANDARD.

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To return to editing, select the < in the top left of your screen to relaunch, or update your app, Select your version below:

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