Edit / Save / Delete Filters

Guide to editing / saving and deleting filters, read below or watch our 42 second video guide.

How To Save Filters:

To save a filter you need to be on the FILTER EDITING SCREEN.  

To get to the filter editing screen, tap the previewed filter on your photo or double-tap the individual filter in the smaller filter preview window below your photo.  

To save the filter to your photo, tap SAVE FILTER, which will automatically return you to the FILTER PREVIEW SCREEN where you can save to phone by tapping save > at the top right, or add more filters, art or text. 

To learn more about each filter editing tool, scroll down. 

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How To Save To Your Phone:

To save your edit to your phone, press the save > button at the top right of the filter preview screen. See image below of the FILTER PREVIEW SCREEN, here you can preview different filters, add art or text (switch editors along bottom).

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How To Delete Filters:

You can delete filters a few ways in Rainbow Love App.

On the FILTER PREVIEW SCREEN, tap the UNDO button on the filter pack bar to delete the last filter you saved.  

How it works: If you saved 3 filters to your photo tapping UNDO will delete the last filter you saved, if you tap it again it will delete the second filter you saved and if you tap it again, it will delete the first the filter you saved.

You can also clear all filters by tapping < at the upper left of the screen.

On the FILTER EDITING SCREEN, the DELETE button will give you options to delete current filter, or your last saved filter or to clear all filters. 

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How To Edit Filters:

Use Touch to Rotate, Resize and Move Filters

Here’s a rundown on our filter editing tools:

GLOW: Some of our filters are set to Glow On and some are set to Glow Off. Glow On makes the filter super vibrant, but sometimes it’s too vibrant, turning off Glow changes the blending mode to Blend which blends with background images more delicately.

EDIT IMAGE: Use Edit Image to adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, balance, temperature and more of your background image. These adjustments can dramatically change the way a filter appears on your image.

ERASER: Use the eraser to erase part of the the filter. This is great for cool effects or if you add sparkle or stars and you have one that’s landing on someone’s face. Note: This tool works best with a stylus.

FLIP and ROTATE: These tools are intended for use with filters that overlay the entire image like Pastels, Dreamy, Earth and Borders. But can be used with any filter. They are helpful in making sure the filter aligns with your background image perfectly.

RESET: This tool removes filter edits and repositions it to it’s default. Great if you want to start over with your edit.

OPACITY: If a filter is too bright you can reduce it’s opacity making it more transparent with this tool.

FAVORITE: Like the filter but not for your current photo? Favorite it! This will create your own pack of filters you’ll see on your filter pack bar whenever you come back to use the app. Look for the red heart before rainbows.

DELETE: This tool allows you to clear all saved filters, just the last filter you saved or you can remove the current filter.

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