Filter Guide

Your quick guide to the filter editor interface.

Button Guide Filter Editor

Preview Filters:

Select a filter pack from the filter pack bar (Image 1). Each pack has up to 40 filters. User favorites include Rainbow, Boho, Moons and Stars. When you unlock a filter for $0.99 – you get access to the entire pack! There’s no subscription fee with Rainbow Love App.

Image 1 – Filter Pack Bar, scrolls forward in app
Rainbow Love App’s Filter Packs

Choose a pack then tap any filter to see it on your photo. (Image 2).

Image 2 – Filter Preview Bar

Save Filters:

Tap the filter you are previewing on the main photo area (Image 3). Once you tap the filter you can edit using touch or tools or just save the filter by tapping SAVE FILTER (see image 4).

Image 3 – TAP filter on your main image for editing and saving options.

Edit Filters:

Use Touch to Rotate, Resize and Move Filters

Editing Tools (see Image 4):

GLOW: Some of our filters are set to Glow On and some are set to Glow Off. Glow On makes the filter super vibrant, but sometimes it’s too vibrant, turning off Glow changes the blending mode to Blend which blends with background images more delicately.

EDIT IMAGE: Use Edit Image to adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, balance, temperature and more of your background image. These adjustments can dramatically change the way a filter appears on your image.

ERASER: Use the eraser to erase part of the the filter. This is great for cool effects or if you add sparkle or stars and you have one that’s landing on someone’s face. Note: This tool works best with a stylus.

FLIP and ROTATE: These tools are intended for use with filters that overlay the entire image like Pastels, Dreamy, Earth and Borders. But can be used with any filter. They are helpful in making sure the filter aligns with your background image perfectly.

RESET: This tool removes filter edits and repositions it to it’s default. Great if you want to start over with your edit.

OPACITY: If a filter is too bright you can reduce it’s opacity making it more transparent with this tool.

FAVORITE: Like the filter but not for your current photo? Favorite it! This will create your own pack of filters you’ll see on your filter pack bar whenever you come back to use the app. Look for the red heart before rainbows.

DELETE: This tool allows you to clear all saved filters, just the last filter you saved or you can remove the current filter you’re editing.

Image 4 – Filter Editing Tools and SAVE FILTER

To Delete A Filter: There’s a couple of ways to delete filters.

  1. Undo on Filter Pack Bar (Image 3): If you’re previewing filters you can use the UNDO button on the filter pack bar to remove the last previewed or saved filter. Undo removes filters working backwards, removing first any filter you are previewing, then any filter you’ve saved chronologically.
  2. Delete in Filter Editing Screen (Image 4): Let’s say you’ve saved 2 filters to your image, then you find another filter you like and you want to remove the last filter you saved. Use DELETE from the Filter Editing Screen, this will offer you 3 options. The first option removes the filter you are editing, the second option removes the last filter you saved, the third option let’s you clear all filters.
  3. Use the < button in main editor from filter, art or text editor. One more way to remove filters which is helpful if you’re in the art or text editor is to use the < button at top left of the screen. This will offer a few options – one is CLEAR ALL FILTERS.

Saving To Phone: To save a final image to your phone, tap save> at the top right corner of your screen. If the last filter you thought you saved disappears, go back and tap the filter on your image. Save the filter by tapping SAVE FILTER on the filter editing screen.


  1. How many filters packs are there? There are 13 filter packs and over 350 filters in Rainbow Love App and Rainbow Love Deluxe. The filters and pack are the same in both apps but in Rainbow Love Deluxe, they are all included, in Rainbow Love App some filter packs have to be unlocked.
  2. Is it $0.99 per filter or $0.99 per filter pack? Our filter packs include up to 40 filters per pack and $0.99 unlocks the entire pack. If you want more than 2-3 filter packs, you may want to upgrade to Rainbow Love Deluxe which includes all filters and art and is logo free.
  3. Why can’t I see some of the filters? Our filters use different blending modes so sometimes they will not appear on certain backgrounds. Usually these backgrounds are white or black. You can try toggling GLOW on or off in the filter editing screen or using edit image to adjust your image for the filter. Most of our filters look best on images that are NOT over saturated. Our filter editing tools allow you to adjust the filter and your background image to enable you to create the effect you want.
  4. How many filters can I add to a photo? As many as you want. In fact layering our filters creates some really cool effects. Rainbows on Rainbows produces bright pink and purple hues, and using moon, and earth with stars can also create some really nice effects.

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