Free Filter Packs

Get to know filter packs and which ones are forever free. To find the different packs, just scroll the filter pack bar – you can preview and edit every filter in our app for free.

Here’s a quick run down of the free packs and what you can do with them.


Rainbow 1 Filter

Our claim to fame! Over 40 rainbows to choose from in different shapes and colors! To edit – tap the previewed rainbow filter on your main image.

Rainbow filters work best on a photo with a neutral color background (greys and tans) so for the best effect select a photo with lots of sky, clouds and overcast and any neutral color backgrounds offer the best effects.

To perfect your edit – use touch to move and resize the rainbow, or use editing tools to adjust the filter and your photos’ brightness, contrast and saturation.

PRO TIP: Adding 2-3 rainbows on top of each other can create really pretty cotton-candy “esque” colors and feel.

Multiple Rainbow Filter Effect.
Filters added: Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2 and Rainbow 9


Pastel 2 Filter

These beauties add a more of a pastel colored rainbow effect to your photos. Think of rainbows with a cotton candy colored filter applied on top.


Vintage Filter: Dust 2
Vintage Filter: Vintage

Add dust and scratch effects, noise and other vintage-y effects to your image with Rainbow Love’s free vintage filters.


Theme filters were designed for users that want to maintain a consistent color tone across their collection of edits. Select your theme filter and simply add it as a finishing touch to every photo you edit with Rainbow Love.

You can also use theme filters as a first layer to even out your photo. Use alone or layered with other filters.


This is the last pack in our collection so scroll all the way past stars to get there. There are several borders to choose from, maybe you find one or two you love and use them a lot to create a theme, or they can be added for different effects whether you are editing a photo or making a cool quote or statement card to post with your images.

This pack is also great if you want to take a photo and make a birthday or photo card out of a photo. Add the border, then switch to text to add your message.


Moon 3 Filter

Our premium filter packs include Aura, Boho (florals), Moon, Dreamy, Earth, Crystals and Stars. Get to know the app using our Free Filters, if you choose to unlock a premium filter pack, you’ll get every filter in that pack once you pay to unlock it just once.

If you are interested in a few of the premium packs, you might consider upgrading to our premium version, Rainbow Love Deluxe.

Rainbow Love Deluxe app includes all the same content and features as Rainbow Love but there are no in-app purchases. Every filter and art pack is included with your download price and it offers a logo free experience.

You can download Rainbow Love Deluxe here.

Both apps are subscription FREE. So once you pay to download or pay to unlock a premium art or filter pack, you won’t be charged on an ongoing basis.

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