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Rainbow Love is an all-in-one filters, art, cards and text photo editor.  Unlike other photo editors our filters are more artistic and colorful, not simple light and tone adjusting filters.  Offering over 200 filters and over 2000 pieces of art, 60 fonts and art cards the creative possibilities for our users are limitless.

Read the full filters guide below.

To learn how to use our coolest filter tool “GLOW” click here.



How to use filters in Rainbow Love App

Filters and frames are the easiest way to edit photos using Rainbow Love App.  Easily add, edit and apply just one or multiple filters to your photo.

Here’s what you need to know about our filters:

  • Filters may not be visible on white or black areas of your photo.  This is because our filters blend with the light in your photo to create realistic glowing effects.  You can use our image editor tools to dramatically effect the visibility and vibrancy of filters.
  • To edit and save a filter – double tap the filter you like along preview bar towards bottom of the screen.  Editing options allow you to rotate or flip the filter (great for rainbow filters), you can also apply the Rainbow option (glow), this will add vibrancy to the filter (great with our Frames, Dusk and Moon Filters).  You can also reduce the transparency of the filter by sliding the toggle bar to the left.
  • Add just one filter, or add multiple filters and frames for truly unique creations.
  • To switch from the filter editor to the image, art, or text editor, tap IMAGE, ART or TEXT along bottom of the screen.

To make filters more visible:

  • Try glow button in filter editor (it is a rainbow icon at the right of the screen), this tool adds vibrancy to the filter while blending with your photo.  Tap to turn on or off.
  • Use image editor to reduce your photo’s brightness, contrast and saturation and increase fade.


To make filters less visible:

  • Use the transparency slider on the filter editing screen
  • Use image editor to increase brightness and / or contrast

What are frames?

Our frames collection can be found in filters.  Frames are a collection of 134 art filters that apply to your photos in regular art mode.  The first few designs are pre-made pieces that can be added to your photo for a finished look.  Frames may combine an earth filter with dusk filter, or astrology art with a moon filter. Frames offer the same editing options as filters; flip, rotate, and GLOW which can look really cool on your photos.  Check them out!
For only $0.99 as an in-app purchase frames pack offer a ton of creative options and effects for your photos.
Most of the art pieces we used in each frame can be found in one of our filter packs – moon, dreamy, earth or dusk or in our Art Packs.

Can you add multiple filters & frames to one photo?

Yes!  In fact this is a really cool way to make crazy fun edits.  The filters and frames will be applied in the order you add them to your photo, with each new filter or frame be placed on top of the last one.

Here’s a quick example of layering filters:

Step 1: Add Rainbow #3
Step 2: Add Frame #43
Step 3: Turn ON Glow


And here are a few filter & frames we layered to make these edits

Filters Applied: Frame 1, Frame 10, Moon 6 and Rainbow 13
Filters Applied: Rainbow 53 and Frame 43
Filters Applied: Dreamy 19 and Dusk 60
Filters Applied: Rainbow 3 and Frame 10
Filters Applied: Frame 8, Dusk 5 and Dusk 8

I just downloaded the app, what can I use free to get to know the app?

Included in your download are the following:
  • All Rainbow Filters
  • All Texture Filters
  • All Filter Editing Tools
  • All Card Backgrounds
  • All Text, Fonts and Text Editing Tools
  • Rainbow, Glow and Trial Art Packs

Where can I see more user creations?

Visit us on Instagram where we share tips and cool user edits and creations.

If you’d like us to see your creation so we can share it with other users, use #RainbowLoveApp when posting to Instagram.

Are the filter packs and art packs a one time purchase or is there a subscription fee?

All purchases are a one-time purchase for unlimited use.  There is no ongoing subscription fee to use this app.  Once you unlock a filter pack or art pack you can use all filters or art in that pack for unlimited use.  Each pack includes 40 or more filters.

I’d like to get more creative and have more editing options.

For advanced editing options – try out our art packs.  New in Rainbow Love is the ability to apply the same blending tools we use for our filters (GLOW and BLEND) you’ll see them on the art editing tool bar.  When turned on these blending tools create really cool glowing effects especially for rainbows, stars, moons and chakras and auras.  Using art allows you to position the piece exactly where you want it on your photo, there are additional editing tools and huge variety of art pieces.

What’s the cheapest way to get unlimited access to all art & filters in Rainbow Love?

If you’re interested in using all features in this app – consider upgrading to Rainbow Love Deluxe.  It is the same app but includes all features for one low price.  If you upgrade to the deluxe version you should delete Rainbow Love App from your device to avoid confusion when using the app.  There are NO in-app purchases in Rainbow Love Deluxe.

Where is the moon and moon phase art?

Find moon and moon phases in Moon filters and our Moon Art Pack.  Make edits like this one.  Try using with our GLOW tool available as the Rainbow icon on the filter editing screen or on the art editing tool bar.


I need more help, how do I contact you?

Email us at love@loveisallaroundme.com for app support.


Thank you for downloading Rainbow Love.

Have a beautiful and colorful day!