Photo Art User Tips

Our quick guide to editing with Rainbow Love’s Photo Art

General Tips:

1 / To use art and cards – make sure you have your phone’s data connection set to WIFI.  Not only will this save you on your data plan, but it will improve the performance of the app.

2 / Rainbow Love’s Art Editor allows to you to add unlimited art pieces to your background image.  Add 1 piece of art or add 20 pieces to any image.

3 / 18 categories of art give you access to over 1,000 unique borders, designs and clip art.

4 / New users can try and edit two pieces of art per category for free.

5 / To preview art, select category and scroll to right.

6 / All art in Rainbow and Bonus category is available to all users for free.  Use this art to try out our app and get a feel for the art editor.

7 / You can continue to add art to your canvas from any art category if you continue to tap the art you want to add from the preview bar.  Once you tap the art that you’ve added to the image, the preview bar will automatically close.

8 / Recently Used Art Category is your own personal category which stores art that you’ve used recently or frequently.

9 / If you are creating an edit that includes filters, art and text, we suggest start by adding your filters, then add art, and finish with text.


To Edit Art:

1 /  To Move Art:  Tap Art Piece and slide to any location on your image canvas.

2 /  To Delete Art: Tap Art Piece and slide up and off your visible phone screen.

3 / To Edit Art:  Double-Tap Art Piece to open editing options.


Editing Options

Size:  Reduce / Increase using slider

Rotate:  Rotate manually or in 90 degree implements

Transparency:  Reduce transparency of art piece

Layer Tools:   Use the Layer Tool bar when working with multiple pieces of art.

Rainbow-Love-Layer-Tool-BarLayer Tool Bar  (Options from Left to Right)

Create Mirror Effect

L / R :  Flips or reverses art horizontally

U / D :  Flips or reverses art vertically

Move Layers

FWD :  Moves “art piece up”

BACK : Moves “art piece down”

Use these tools when working with multiple pieces of art.  If you have a piece of art that you want to place on top of another to overlay it, tap to select the art piece and tap “FWD” which will bring selected art to the surface or top of your art collage.   Each tap will move the art up one layer at a time.

COPY : Creates a duplicate of the art you added.  Use this to copy a text box or art and use flip tools if you want to create a mirror or reflection effect.

DELETE:  This button will delete the art you last selected.  We’ve included it here b/c it’s more convenient when working with multiple pieces of art.  The easiest and quickest way to delete art is by tapping to select the art and sliding it up and off your phone screen.