Quick Guide

With Rainbow Love, you can add filters, art or text to your photos. Here’s our Quick Start guide:

When you upload a photo to Rainbow Love you’ll land on the filter editor screen. Here, you can preview, edit and apply filters to your image. For our FREE FILTER PACKS, go here.

If you’d like to add art (sticker like pieces) to your image, tap ART towards the bottom left of your screen. This will bring you to the art editor screen, you can select art from over 20 art packs to edit your photos. Use touch to move the art piece, and the tools above the art packs to change blend mode, size, transparency and more.

Removing Art: There is a delete button on the art editing tool bar, but the easiest and quickest way to remove a piece of art, is to touch the piece and literally slide it up and off your screen.

You can also add TEXT by selecting TEXT at the bottom of your screen. This brings you to the text editor screen. And a keyboard should appear.

Tap FILTER to return to the FILTER editor. Anything you add to your image will be saved as you go so rest assured that you won’t lose your filters, art or text when you switch which editor you’re in along the bottom of your screen. However once you are in FILTER, any art or text you’ve added will be “locked” or uneditable. To go back to editing art or text you must return to the art or text editors by tapping along the bottom of your screen.

Rainbow Love App offers many free filters and tools but we do have a premium version, Rainbow Love Deluxe which includes all the content you love with a one-time download price and NO in-app purchases.

Learn more about Rainbow Love Deluxe here.