Rainbow Filter Editing Tips


Why You Need Our New Lite Base Filters

Adding realistic rainbows to your photos is an art. Rainbows rarely appear on bright blue skies, because to become visual they need the perfect mixture of moisture and sunlight reflected through clouds.

Since the same holds true in photos, a cloudy sky in your photo will actually be the best base or background for adding our rainbows filters.   See the image below, we only added Rainbow Filter 12 from Rainbow Love App.  No Lite Base filters needed because of the clouds.

Our new Lite Base filters were created so that a bright blue sky in a photo can be toned down and provide a non-visible texture to “catch” and blend our rainbow filters onto your photos.

Our Lite Base filters can enhance any photo and work great with many of our other filters, but they have been specifically designed for making the most realistic rainbow edits ever and that’s what we’ll show you here.


Using Lite Base Filters

1 / Start by taking a photo of a favorite outdoor landscape.  Include lots of sky!  Make sure to the horizon line is around the mid line of your frame so that you have lots of space for rainbows.  Open in Rainbow Love App, go to filters and preview the lite base filters on your photo.

Include lots of sky space in your photo:



2 / Which filter appears the most natural on your image while toning down a dark purply blue the most?  (The preview will display the full intensity of each filter, you reduce the filter’s intensity by selecting EDIT at the top middle of the screen.  You can also adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your original image to enhance the filter effect).

rainbow love app filter editor

3 / Once you select a lite base filter, scroll right to Rainbow Filters, and preview them on your photo.  There are 35 to choose from in varying colors and styles.  While previewing the rainbow, look for the colors of the rainbow that come out on your photo.  When you find a color scheme that shines, select EDIT to perfect your rainbow photo.  Each filter can be rotated or flipped to get the best position for your photo.  For a more realistic effect, also try reducing the intensity of the rainbow filter.

Just to show you the difference our Lite Base Filters can make.  See the photo story below.  The first image has no lite base filters applied at all, along with Rainbow Filter #12.  See below how each Lite Base Filter tones the sky and makes the rainbow appear more natural, colorful and vibrant.  Except for Lite Base 6 which is intended for a sky that’s too pale or white in tone.


Lite Base 1:   Adds a bright pinkish lavender hue to the sky


Lite Base 2:   Tones down bright blue with gray-green hues


Lite Base 3:   Mutes bright blue with warm “sunset” sunlight tones


Lite Base 4:   A neutralizing filter that tones down blue with lite brown lite.


Lite Base 5:   Tones down bright blue with yellow and green


Lite Base 6:   This filter darkens a sky and brightens the landscape below.  Use on pale or white colors skies, and reduce the intensity to tone down filter saturation.  Also try this filter with our starry night and shooting star filters in the dusk category.


Lite Base 7:    This is a sepia toned filter.  The intensity can be reduced to your liking.  Use this filter to apply a vintage feel to your image.  This filter is fabulous when you reduce your image’s saturation level to below 20% and then increase brightness.  Great with rainbows, as it will bring more “red tones” out in the rainbow but also try it with our moon filters.


Lite Base Filter 4:  Reduced on a cloudy sky can even enhance the “real rainbow” effect.


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