Rainbow Love App Guide

Rainbow-Love- App-Filter-Art-Text-EditorRainbow Love App is for everyone that loves rainbows.  Because, well who doesn’t love rainbows?

Rainbow Love is four editors in one app: 


You can filter photos; add art to photos, add text or do all of the above. 

Now that you’re here.  Let’s guide you to what’s FREE in Rainbow Love App.

Oh, and if you want to get everything FREE, sign up for FRIDAY FREEBIES and we’ll send you a premium art or filter pack to unlock each FRIDAY for FREE!

Note: if you are using Rainbow Love Deluxe – YOU DON’T NEED TO SIGN UP FOR FRIDAY FREEBIES. Because all art and filter packs are included with Rainbow Love Deluxe.


Switching Editors in Rainbow Love App

After selecting your background image,  You can switch editors along the bottom of your screen by selecting FILTER, IMAGE, ART or TEXT.

The round info button will pull up a overlay guide to our app, you can refer to it whenever you feel lost.


ALL Rainbow and Theme filters are FREE in Rainbow Love app.  You can also preview and edit all premium filters on your photos.  Choose from FRAMES, MOON, DREAMY, EARTH or DUSK.  Double-tap the filter at bottom to edit the filter and blending effect.

Read our essential guide to Filters here.

Read about theme filters and how to use them here.



Our image editor (all tools) are free in Rainbow Love App.  These tools include tilt, brightness, contrast, balance, saturation, fade and temperature.  They are free because when you use these tools with filters they can have a dramatically stunning effect on how your final image appears.  Use image editor to reduce or increase the vibrancy or contrast of any filter, art and text you add to your photo.



In our art editor the first 3 packs, CARD KIT, RAINBOWS FOR PHOTOS and RAINBOW ART are FREE!

  • Card Kit includes a collection of simple text boxes, art and arrows you can use for making your own stylish quote cards.  Use with any of our Cards, or use the white or off white blank card in the “Build your own card category.”  If you prefer a more artsy look – check out our Text Space Art kit for $0.99.


  • Rainbows for Photos is a collection of Rainbow effects and pieces that can be added to your photos and given the same effect as you get with our filters by turning on the GLOW or BLEND effect on the art editor tool bar.  In some ways these are better than filters because you can move the piece wherever you want on your photo and also adjust the size.  Have fun!


  • Rainbow Art Pack is also FREE.  A collection of happy and colorful rainbows to add to quote cards or photos.  Enjoy.



Our text editor is also 100% FREE.  This includes ALL fonts, ALL font colors, yes including write in Rainbow and Rainbow Glitter.  All cards are in the app are also free!  Have fun and keep spreading the positivity and love with our colorful text editor.


For more free stuff – don’t forget to sign up for FRIDAY FREEBIES here.  Be sure to confirm your subscription so we can deliver the goods to your inbox each Friday!

Can’t wait that long?  If you’re interested in getting 3 or more art packs upgrade to Rainbow Love Deluxe.  It includes everything (all art, all filters) when you pay to download it.  It’s literally the CHEAPEST WAY to get it all.

You can also use Rainbow Love Deluxe to add your own logos, photos and art to your photos.

Need more help?  Email: love@loveisallaroundme.com

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Rainbow Love App edits

IMG_5868 2

Made with Moon Art.



Made with Moon Art – GLOW effect applied (find glow tool on the art editing tool bar)


Made with Rainbow Filter.


Made with Stars Art – GLOW effect is applied to art (find it on the art editing tool bar).

IMG_5879 3

Made with a colorful card from Rainbow Theme.  Text added!

Add an aura effect to photos 1

Made with two green Aura from Chakras and Auras pack and stars art.  Stars art has the GLOW effect applied.