Rainbow Love Versus Deluxe

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What’s the difference between Rainbow Love App and Rainbow Love Deluxe?


Rainbow Love and Rainbow Love Deluxe are two different apps on the app store, but they contain all the same content, features, filters, art and fonts.

Rainbow Love App was made for people that just want to add rainbow filters to photos.  There are over 20 additional art packs and 6 filter packs (moon, stars, chakras, angel wings etc) that can be purchased in Rainbow Love App at $0.99 per pack.

In Rainbow Love Deluxe all art and filter packs are included with your download price.   People that upgrade to Rainbow Love Deluxe tend to enjoy the ability of editing photos with filters, art and text without the interruption of in-app purchases.

Both apps are “subscription free” meaning there is no recurring payment required to use Rainbow Love App or Rainbow Love Deluxe.  Once you pay to unlock a filter pack or logo or you pay to download Rainbow Love Deluxe – that purchase will be recorded by Apple and you’ll have access to your content without monthly or annual charges on your iTunes account.

Learn more: View Rainbow Love Deluxe on the app store.

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