mermaid tail photo art

Mermaid Tails for Photos

We’re #mermaiding Express your Mermaid Soul Rainbow Love Deluxe app users can now easily add shimmering and colorful Mermaid Tails to their photos to create the best #mermaidsarereal photo edits ever. Scroll down to see some edits using our Mermail Tail Art Kit and read our quick guide to adding them to your own photos.  Make sure you have Rainbow Love Deluxe because these tails are not yet available in Rainbow Love App. Photo Above:  Floral Mermaid Pose Tail art designed to cover your front leg.  Just for our Mermaid Yogis.   Add A Mermaid Tail To Your Photo Add shimmering…

Mermaid Pose Yoga Photos: How To Guide

How to add mermaid fins to your mermaid photos with Rainbow Love App. Start with a picture of you in mermaid pose. Launch Rainbow Love App.