Our Best Rainbow Filters

Our favorite photo filters are Rainbow!

Are colorful unique filters your thing?  Check out the newest version of Rainbow Love App for 40 new rainbow photo filters.  Our filter editing options offer 640 ways to add bright, translucent colorful rainbows to your favorite photos. 

3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos

3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos Hack #1 : Take Photos With Lots of Sky Space Notice the horizon line in the original photo, is slightly higher then the midpoint of the photo, so there’s a lot of sky space.   Remember:  Rainbows need sky, like humans need oxygen.  So always start with a great photo, that has lots of space for a rainbow.   Hack #2 :  Use Rainbow Love App’s Rainbow 19 Filter  This is one of the most “real” looking rainbow filters.  The position and the tapering of the rainbows’ ends allows for…

Add Angel Wings and Halos To Your Photos

Hello Angel! Add beautiful Angel Wings to your favorite photos with Rainbow Love App! Find our Angel Wings Art in the GALAXY Category of Rainbow Love App (downloading options below) To add Angel Wings to your photos: Open Rainbow Love App and select a photo Rainbow Love App’s Editor will automatically launch.  Tap to select the option “Add Art” along the bottom of your screen. In the art category window, tap to select GALAXY ART.  Scroll down, the wings and halos will be towards the bottom. You will find “sets” of Angel Wings and also individual single wings.  Select any “set” of…

Vintage Moon Photo Filters For Your Instagram Yoga Photos

5 Easy Steps To Creating this Vintage Moon Phase Filter Photo Edit With Rainbow Love App

Let Love Rule: How To Make This

How to make this with Rainbow Love App Step 1: Start with your favorite photo Photos with lots of negative space or sky, may create the best effects. Think beach, mountains or park. Step 2: Launch Rainbow Love App and select your photo as your background image Step 3: Tap “+Filters” to open Filter Editor. Scroll Right to browse filters. To get the same effect as featured in the image, apply filters in the order listed below. First, Apply Earth Filter 1, tap “save” at bottom right. Second, Apply Dreamy Filter 12, tap “save” at bottom right. Then save all changes and…

Mystic Moon Goddess: How To Make It

How to create this look on your photos with Rainbow Love App Step 1: Start with a photo you love! Choosing photo with lots of negative space (or sky) can create really nice effects when  using our moon filters Step 2: Launch Rainbow Love App and select your photo as your background image Step 3: Tap “+Filters” to open Filter Editor. Scroll Right to find Moon Filters. Apply Moon Filter 6, tap “save” at bottom right. Secondly apply Moon Filter 7, tap “save” at bottom right. To close filters editor tap “Done” at top right to save all changes and return to main…

Photo Filters For Color Therapy

Color therapy for your photos! Rainbow Love App now features 72 Colorful Photo Filters inspired by Rainbows, The Moon, The Sky, Earth and The Northern Lights. Add and blend our colorful filters on any photo to create dreamy, beautiful images. Or add Chakras from our Yoga Photo Art category! Try filters from our DREAMY CATEGORY to blend some beautiful colors onto your favorite yoga photos. What feelings do colors invoke? Red > Energy, Passion, Ambition Orange > Joy, Creativity, Socialness Yellow > Sun, Warmth, Focus, Quiet Green > Nature, Grow, Vitality Turquoise > Inner Peace, Self-Respect, Strength Blue > Openness, Water, Sky Indigo…

Rainbows on Rainbows and Moons

Layering Rainbow Love’s filters can produce dramatic and striking effects. Here’s a filter formula we LOVE so much we wanted to share.