What color is your Aura?

  Add a glowing aura effect to your photos Have you ever seen or felt the color of your Aura?  According to those well-studied in auras, energy planes and electromagnetic fields, there are exercises that can help you discover the color of aura and furthermore – the color of our aura can change with your mood, where you are and what you are experiencing. To learn more about auras and exercises for how you can see your aura- we love this article on mindbodygreen.com by Emma Mildon. This post is about adding Aura effects to your photos using Rainbow Love…

Let Your Inner Moon Goddess Shine

Our 5 favorite moon filters and tips for applying them for the dreamiest effects. Get Rainbow Love App Here #1 / Moon 20 Filter To make: Apply the glittery smoky Dusk 14 and pink Moon 20 Filters to your original image.   Looks great on landscape photography and yoga photos.  Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of original image to increase / reduce drama.   #2 / Moon 4 Filter To make: Apply sparkly moonlight with Moon 4 Filter to your original image.   Looks great on almost all images!  Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of original image to increase /…

Our Best Photo Filters For Instagram

We totally “rainbow heart” DREAMY 10! Dreamy 10 adds a vibrant and colorful swash to your photos.

Best For:

Photos that are darker in brightness and more neutral in background color. This filter adds a visually appealing and artful effect to most photos. Especially great for YOGA STUDIO photos!

Add Angel Wings and Halos To Your Photos

Hello Angel! Add beautiful Angel Wings to your favorite photos with Rainbow Love App! Find our Angel Wings Art in the GALAXY Category of Rainbow Love App (downloading options below) To add Angel Wings to your photos: Open Rainbow Love App and select a photo Rainbow Love App’s Editor will automatically launch.  Tap to select the option “Add Art” along the bottom of your screen. In the art category window, tap to select GALAXY ART.  Scroll down, the wings and halos will be towards the bottom. You will find “sets” of Angel Wings and also individual single wings.  Select any “set” of…

Vintage Moon Photo Filters For Your Instagram Yoga Photos

5 Easy Steps To Creating this Vintage Moon Phase Filter Photo Edit With Rainbow Love App