And We All Shine On…

Oscar Wilde said, “When it rains looks for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” 

And that’s why I’ve created a galaxy of moon, stars, and planet art and filter effects for Rainbow Love App… because the truthfully, aren’t we all just naturally fascinated with whatever the sky holds for us to see.  The moon, the sun, a rainbow, a solar eclipse, the Northern Lights…. 

Color Therapy With Watercolor Art

We love color and we’re super excited about our new Watercolor Art and Cards in Rainbow Love App.  Check out the entire collection in the app!  Here’s a quick guide to easily making some really pretty edits and quote cards using our watercolor art and cards.

Our carefully crafted watercolor art has a watery white run off effect along it’s edges, so while they look great on all cards, we really like using them on the white logo free card or any plain white background.  When you start with a white background, by adding additional art or text in white – you can create a “cut-out” look to your edit.  We love this.

Mindful Quote Cards For Yogis

Share your mindfulness, light and energy. Make and share colorful and inspiring quote cards with Rainbow Love App. Use our wide selection of yoga art, chakras, watercolored yoga asanas and inspirational quotes to make quote cards or enhance your favorite yoga photos.

A Rainbow Of Ways To Say Happy Friday

#HAPPYFRIDAY  #HELLOFRIDAY  #FRIDAYVIBES  #FRIYAY  #FRIDAYFEELING We LOVE our Happy Fridays.  Don’t you? Celebrate your FRIYAY with Rainbow Love App.  Select one of your own photos or one of our blank e-cards and greeting cards to make daily inspiration for your social media or to share with friends.  Add over 40 different borders, and choose from over 60 fonts to make your own unique and colorful post for every FRIDAY of the year. Download Rainbow Love App here: Rainbow Love App Lite ($0.99)  Rainbow Love App Deluxe  ($4.99)  – LOGO FREE VERSION (RECOMMENDED) To see the difference between Lite and Deluxe click here…