Our Best Rainbow Filters

Our favorite photo filters are Rainbow!

Are colorful unique filters your thing?  Check out the newest version of Rainbow Love App for 40 new rainbow photo filters.  Our filter editing options offer 640 ways to add bright, translucent colorful rainbows to your favorite photos. 

3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos

3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos Hack #1 : Take Photos With Lots of Sky Space Notice the horizon line in the original photo, is slightly higher then the midpoint of the photo, so there’s a lot of sky space.   Remember:  Rainbows need sky, like humans need oxygen.  So always start with a great photo, that has lots of space for a rainbow.   Hack #2 :  Use Rainbow Love App’s Rainbow 19 Filter  This is one of the most “real” looking rainbow filters.  The position and the tapering of the rainbows’ ends allows for…

Rainbows on Rainbows and Moons

Layering Rainbow Love’s filters can produce dramatic and striking effects. Here’s a filter formula we LOVE so much we wanted to share.

Colorful New Filters

Colorful filters anyone? In the newest update of Rainbow Love App – we’ve added a total of 72 Photo Filters!  New tools now allow you add multiple Rainbow Love Filters to your background image. Create some really dreamy effects by using new tools to adjust filter intensity and rotate filters.  Use the app’s background image editor adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo to brighten or lessen the filter effect. Please note – our filters will not be visible on black or white backgrounds, and may not be visible on some areas of your photos. To download or update…