3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos

3 Hacks For Adding Real Looking Rainbows To Your Photos Hack #1 : Take Photos With Lots of Sky Space Notice the horizon line in the original photo, is slightly higher then the midpoint of the photo, so there’s a lot of sky space.   Remember:  Rainbows need sky, like humans need oxygen.  So always start with a great photo, that has lots of space for a rainbow.   Hack #2 :  Use Rainbow Love App’s Rainbow 19 Filter  This is one of the most “real” looking rainbow filters.  The position and the tapering of the rainbows’ ends allows for…

New Boho Filters

In our latest app update we’ve retired some filters and added many new ones with an earthy, boho moon feel!  Our new filter editor enables you to preview filters, easily edit your background image, adjust filter intensity and orientation and now you can also write in gold! Here are some of our favorite new filters!  To access them in Rainbow Love App – go to the app store and update or download the most current version. To download Rainbow Love Lite – Click Here To download Rainbow Love Deluxe (best value) – Click Here Sign up for Android Release Coming…

Our Best Photo Filters For Instagram

We totally “rainbow heart” DREAMY 10! Dreamy 10 adds a vibrant and colorful swash to your photos.

Best For:

Photos that are darker in brightness and more neutral in background color. This filter adds a visually appealing and artful effect to most photos. Especially great for YOGA STUDIO photos!

Add Angel Wings and Halos To Your Photos

Hello Angel! Add beautiful Angel Wings to your favorite photos with Rainbow Love App! Find our Angel Wings Art in the GALAXY Category of Rainbow Love App (downloading options below) To add Angel Wings to your photos: Open Rainbow Love App and select a photo Rainbow Love App’s Editor will automatically launch.  Tap to select the option “Add Art” along the bottom of your screen. In the art category window, tap to select GALAXY ART.  Scroll down, the wings and halos will be towards the bottom. You will find “sets” of Angel Wings and also individual single wings.  Select any “set” of…

Vintage Moon Photo Filters For Your Instagram Yoga Photos

5 Easy Steps To Creating this Vintage Moon Phase Filter Photo Edit With Rainbow Love App

Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky

Yoga Inspiration You Can Make and Share With Rainbow Love App How to make this Rumi quote cards like this one using Rainbow Love App. Don’t have Rainbow Love App?  Get it on iTunes now: Get Rainbow Love Lite Get Rainbow Love Deluxe (Best Value) To make quote cards with Rainbow Love App, follow these easy steps: Launch App.  Select a background image for your quote card, the card used above can be found in our Dreamy Cards. Add Filters to background image using +Filter command in app.  We added Filters Earth 2, and Dusk 3 to our Dreamy Card…