6 Ways To Celebrate National Find A Rainbow Day

Monday April 3rd is National Find A Rainbow Day!

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of a rainbow? When we see natural rainbows in the sky or they enter our dreams at night, rainbows are symbol of fortune, optimism and good things to come. Whether we believe in the symbolism or not, for most of us, seeing a rainbow always brings a smile, and offers us a moment to be present and grateful.

We scoured Instagram for the best ways to bring rainbows into your life and here’s what we found!

Rainbows on Rainbows and Moons

Layering Rainbow Love’s filters can produce dramatic and striking effects. Here’s a filter formula we LOVE so much we wanted to share.

Colorful New Filters

Colorful filters anyone? In the newest update of Rainbow Love App – we’ve added a total of 72 Photo Filters!  New tools now allow you add multiple Rainbow Love Filters to your background image. Create some really dreamy effects by using new tools to adjust filter intensity and rotate filters.  Use the app’s background image editor adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo to brighten or lessen the filter effect. Please note – our filters will not be visible on black or white backgrounds, and may not be visible on some areas of your photos. To download or update…

Rainbow Love Photo Filters

Rainbow, Moon and Dreamy Photo Filters Here are some tips for making some really cool photos. Rainbow Love’s unique filters use a light blending technique that mixes our filter with your background image. Since lighting and the position of a photo’s main subject may vary, not all of our filters will work best for all of your photos. Each category of our filters; Rainbow, Moon, Dreamy, Earth and Dusk have been designed with this in mind so by trying them all you can see which of our filters bring out the best colors and positioning with your image. Also use…

A Rainbow Of Ways To Say Happy Friday

#HAPPYFRIDAY  #HELLOFRIDAY  #FRIDAYVIBES  #FRIYAY  #FRIDAYFEELING We LOVE our Happy Fridays.  Don’t you? Celebrate your FRIYAY with Rainbow Love App.  Select one of your own photos or one of our blank e-cards and greeting cards to make daily inspiration for your social media or to share with friends.  Add over 40 different borders, and choose from over 60 fonts to make your own unique and colorful post for every FRIDAY of the year. Download Rainbow Love App here: Rainbow Love App Lite ($0.99)  Rainbow Love App Deluxe  ($4.99)  – LOGO FREE VERSION (RECOMMENDED) To see the difference between Lite and Deluxe click here…