Up Your Filter Game

Up Your Filter Game with GLOW our favorite blending effect.

How to create cool rainbow photo effects using our GLOW filter editing tool.

Here’s our quick guide to using GLOW and what it does.

Once you launch app and upload your photo you’ll land on our filter editor screen.


Scroll the filter pack bar to select your Filter Pack: Rainbow, Themes, Frames, Moon, Dreamy, Earth or Dusk.

Then single-tap filters along the preview bar to see them on your photo.

Double-tap filters along preview bar to edit them.

Notice that in the photo above the rainbow really doesn’t show up well on this dark blue sky, the filter effect used in preview is called BLEND, it offers a more subtle blend of the filter with your photo.

This is why we added our GLOW tool which amplifies the filter effect and adds more vibrancy.  GLOW and BLEND can also be applied to art and text added to your image and they offer the same effect.

To use GLOW in FILTERS, DOUBLE-TAP the filter on the preview bar and it will take you to the filter editing screen.


Filter tools include delete, flip, rotate, GLOW and a toggle bar to reduce filter intensity.

GLOW is the rainbow icon at the right and is automatically set to off.  Let’s see what it looks like when you tap it to turn it on.


As you can see, GLOW really makes that rainbow vibrant and colorful.  Maybe a little too vibrant.  This tool won’t work with all images but it will look great on some especially those with darker colors in the sky.

We’ll make one more adjustment to make this rainbow look a little more real.  Let’s reduce the intensity by sliding the toggle bar a little to the left.


Ahh… that’s better!   Hit save when done.  You can keep adding filters, art and text or if you’re done, tap the > at the top right corner of the editor to save image to your phone.

What’s really cool is that you can also use GLOW (and BLEND) with art.  This gives you many more options for a super custom edit.

To try this – tap ART at bottom of the screen, then ADD ART.  Select art from RAINBOWS FOR PHOTOS pack.  Once it lands on your image you can tap GLOW or BLEND (our two blending options) on the art tool bar and it will completely change the way the art appears on your photo.

This is great for anyone that wants more options to resize and position the rainbow you’re adding to your photo.

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As you can see using GLOW adds more vibrancy and texture to our filters.  The default blending mode tends to look better on photos with lighter backgrounds, and GLOW mode tends to work best on darker backgrounds.

Sometimes the regular blend mode is barely visible (as you can see in our Dusk Filter example).  While the glow effect with the stars create a glowing fairy like effect.

Try turning on GLOW when you filter your images and let us know what you think.