Angel Wings


Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings.

My angel wings have been a “work in progress” for a while, as they are a little tricky to perfect so that you can apply them to any type of photo!  I will add variations to the category as they are perfected but for now you can enjoy an assortment of angel wings in Rainbow Love App for your favorite photos.

A quick note:  Angel Wing Photo Edits require your artistic vision, and a few advanced techniques in Rainbow Love App.  To create an edit, download Rainbow Love App.  Upload your photo and follow the steps below.  Scroll down to see more of our edits!

Download Rainbow Love for iOS here and Rainbow Love for Android here

Rainbow Love Angel Wing Photo Edit – Side Facing Photo, used with heart EARTH filter
Rainbow Love Angel Wings Photo Edit – back facing, stars added from Borders Art
Rainbow Love Angel Wings Photo Edit – Side Facing view – 2 wings used, same direction, rotated slightly differently.


Tips For Adding Angel Wings To Your Photos

1 / Start with a photo you love! Our app takes square photos only so it’s perfect for Instagram!

2 / Upload your photo and select “ART” scroll forward to “Angel Wings” art category.  You will find a variety of angel wing art.  Some are pre-created as double wings which are the quickest and easiest to add and edit.  The double wings are best for back facing photos.

There are also many single wings.  These are best for front facing or side facing photos and require a little more of an artistic touch.  Here are our tips.

Tap a wing from the art window to add it to your photo.

Double tap the added wing to pull up your editing options.

You can change the size, rotate the wing and also duplicate it and reverse to create a matching wing to face the other direction.

To copy the wing – select the 3 squares “layering tools” at the far right of the editing tool bar. Once copied, select FLIP L>R to create a second wing.  Now you can refine the placement, size and rotation of each wing to perfect your edit.

So easy!   See more examples below.  If you need assistance, or have general comments – please email me at






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